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accepting new patients & emergencies.

Extended Weekend Dentistry, Timings: 12PM (Noon) to 12AM (Midnight)

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    accepting new patients & emergencies.

    Experience a comprehensive exam package that includes full mouth X-rays, periodontal exam and fluoride treatment. Includes a basic cleaning, if you qualify.


    Welcome to TRU Dental Emergency and Family Dentistry, your trusted destination for exceptional dental care in Charlotte. At TRU Dental, we understand the importance of accessibility and flexibility in dental services, especially during critical moments and for families with diverse schedules.

    At TRU Dental, our commitment to your oral health extends beyond conventional office hours. Our extended weekend dentistry is at your service from 12PM (Noon) to 12AM (Midnight) every Friday through Sunday, offering unparalleled accessibility. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering comprehensive dental services for your entire family, ensuring expert care during crucial moments. Located conveniently in Charlotte, we provide a spectrum of treatments, from emergency dental care to routine check-ups.


    Dr. Sharma selected the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine to pursue his doctorate, opting for one of the most coveted accelerated international student programs renowned for its demanding curriculum and cutting-edge advancements in oral health, research, and patient care. His academic prowess and outstanding clinical achievements were acknowledged with OKU honors by the National Dental Honor Society.

    With nearly 23 years of diverse experience in various dental settings, Dr. Sharma brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine love for dentistry to the Charlotte community. Embracing the concept of practicing full-capacity dentistry in-house, he goes above and beyond to alleviate your pain, providing results that you can cherish for a lifetime.

    our trusted & professional services
    Cosmetic Treatments

    Welcome to TRU Dental, your premier destination for Cosmetic Dentistry!

    Dental Implants

    Dental implants are a type of dental restoration that serves as a replacement for missing teeth.

    Root Canal Treatment

    Root canal treatment is not painful but instead can save a tooth that might otherwise have to be removed completely.

    General Dental Services

    TRU Dental will provide any clinically necessary treatment needed to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy


    Dental crowns are a type of restoration that is used to replace a missing tooth, or cover a partly missing tooth

    Tooth Extractions

    Tooth extraction is a dental procedure in which a tooth is removed from its socket in the jawbone.


    A one-year minimum commitment is required for all package subscriptions. Yearly payment can be made at first visit or payments can be made biannually (for 6 months) before next exam appointment.

    Basic Dental Care Package
    $ 30 / Month
    • 2 Professional Basic cleanings
    • 2 Basic Exams (2-6 X Rays)
    • 2 Fluoride treatments
    • 10% Discount on all procedures
    • .

    Essential Smile Plan
    $ 45 / Month
    • 1 Professional oral cancer screening
    • 1 comprehensive exam (6-18 X Rays)
    • 1 Periodic exam (2-6 X Rays)
    • 2 Professional basic cleanings
    • 2 fluoride treatments
    • 10% Discount on all procedures
    Standard Oral Health Bundle
    $ 65 / Month
    • 2 Professional oral cancer screening
    • 1 comprehensive exam (6-18 X Rays)
    • 1 Periodic exam (2-6 X Rays)
    • 2 Professional basic cleanings
    • 2 fluoride treatments
    • 1 Emergency consult with online prescription
    • 15% Discount on all procedures
    Comprehensive Dental Wellness Package
    $ 100 / Month
    • 2 Professional oral cancer screening
    • 1 comprehensive exam (6-18 X Rays)
    • 1 Periodic exam (2-6 X Rays)
    • 2 Professional basic cleanings
    • 2 fluoride treatments
    • 1 Appointment for Full deep cleaning
    • 20% Discount on all procedures
    Our testimonials

    Discover How TRU Dental is Making a Difference in Oral Health and Patient Satisfaction

    TRU Dental
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    Arturo CaicedoArturo Caicedo
    03:57 13 May 24
    I felt blessed to find TRU DENTAL And Dr. Suchitar on a late Saturday after being under uncontrollable pain during hours. He found the cause in minutes and took care of it. I came back home at 1:30AM on Sunday after the procedure but able to left behind all the pain. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED
    Valaree GrierValaree Grier
    16:03 11 May 24
    I absolutely LOVE that Dental Services are available on Fridays and Weekends. Dr. Sharma worked his magic. I arrived with a compromised bridge and left the same evening..... "with teeth".Awesome!!!Thank you 🙂
    Jackie HeweyJackie Hewey
    21:23 05 May 24
    They were awesome took less then 30 minutes when I went to two other places that couldnt do what he did Dr. Sharma. Excellent dentist.
    dobiemomma Smithdobiemomma Smith
    16:19 05 May 24
    So many great things to say. We called at 8pm on Saturday. We drove an hour, and had my husband's broken tooth out by 9:20pm. Absolutely flawless process. Staff was so efficient and courteous that we will be back in 3 weeks for more dental work. Yes we will be driving the hour because they are worth it.
    Jessica BellJessica Bell
    15:25 28 Apr 24
    I have to start this review by first stating my complete irrational fear of dentists, so much so that I had to sit for 45 minutes for my blood pressure to come down before Dr. Sharma could pull my infected wisdom tooth. He was so calm and understanding while never making me feel absolutely absurd. By the time I had calmed myself down, he spent maybe five minutes and the procedure was done!! Absolutely amazing! The excruciating pain I woke up with was gone, I am SO thankful I found Dr. Sharma! Highly Highly recommend to anyone and everyone! Thank you for curing my fear Dr. Sharma 🙂
    Victoria CyrVictoria Cyr
    00:00 09 Apr 24
    I went to Dr. Sharma with extreme pain from my wisdom tooth surgery. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted. We were calling around to all of the dentists near me & Dr. Sharma was taking walk ins until 8pm that night & we made it right on time. He figured out that one of the sites was infected & he put me on an antibiotic & gave me an antibacterial mouth rinse. He was very professional & he was very knowledgeable. He helped me through the worst pain that I have felt in my life. He called me the following day asking how I was doing. He’s a dentist that seems to care about his patients.
    Abhinav SharmaAbhinav Sharma
    03:29 21 Feb 24
    Such a wonderful experience from TRU Dental. I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional care provided by Dr. Sharma and his staff during dental emergency. Computer assisted anesthesia is amazing in there and did not feel the needle at all. During the treatment, Dr. Sharma's skill and precision were remarkable. Its almost a week now and happy about treatment which I received from there. The staff is super friendly. I found the perfect place for my family.
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