Dental cleaning

Although brushing your teeth and gums at home is important, visiting the dentist for professional teeth and gum cleaning also contributes to good oral health and a radiant smile.


Our hygienist will perform a preliminary examination for dental hygiene during the session. Scaling and polishing are the methods of professional teeth cleaning that hygienists provide.

They scale your teeth to get rid of any tartar or plaque (bacteria that forms on teeth) accumulation in places that are too difficult to reach with a brush. The hygienist uses a polishing instrument with a gritty material similar to toothpaste to clean the teeth after the plaque and tartar have been removed.

Flossing is used to get at regions that brushing and scaling could miss, like in between teeth and below the gum line.

Fluoride, which helps to strengthen tooth enamel and increase resistance to decay (mostly in pediatric dentistry), may be applied during some dental cleanings.

Then a dental professional may give personalized guidelines on how to maintain good dental health and show you how to use practices you can do at home.