Guided Tissue Regeneration

The main goal of GTR is to create a barrier that prevents unwanted soft tissue (like the gum tissue) from interfering with the healing of the periodontal tissues. This is achieved by using barrier membranes or tissue scaffolds during the surgical procedure. The barrier helps to exclude undesirable cells and allows the regrowth of specific tissues, promoting the regeneration of periodontal structures.

Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) is a dental and medical procedure that aims to regenerate lost or damaged tissues, particularly in the context of periodontal (gum) therapy. The primary goal of GTR is to promote the selective growth of specific tissues, such as bone, cementum, and periodontal ligament, in order to restore the health and function of the affected area.

Removal of Diseased Tissue: The first step is to thoroughly clean and remove any diseased or damaged tissue from the affected area. This often involves scaling and root planing to remove plaque and calculus from the tooth surfaces.

Placement of a Barrier Membrane: A barrier membrane is then placed over the cleaned root surface to prevent the migration of unwanted cells, such as epithelial cells from the gums, into the treated area. This membrane acts as a barrier, allowing only specific cells, like those responsible for bone and periodontal ligament regeneration, to populate the area.

Bone Grafting (Optional): In some cases, a bone graft may be performed concurrently with GTR to enhance the regeneration of lost bone tissue. The bone graft provides a scaffold for the formation of new bone.

Healing and Monitoring: The patient is then allowed to heal, and the regeneration of tissues is monitored over time through follow-up appointments.

The Importance of Healthy Bone Tissue for Dental Health

Healthy bone tissue plays a crucial role in dental health. They support the gums to ensure they fit snugly around the tooth roots, holding your natural teeth in place. Here are some other key reasons why healthy bone tissue is essential for maintaining optimal dental health: