Laser Therapy

Gum disease can affect the gum tissue, jawbone, and overall health. Fortunately, modern dentistry has found that lasers can be very effective in treating it. Count on our team to use laser therapy to comfortably treat gum disease!

How Laser Therapy Works

Laser therapy offers versatile applications in treating gum disease. It can effectively remove diseased tissue found around and between teeth. Tartar and mineral buildup can accumulate around the tooth roots, and laser treatment can eliminate this buildup and thoroughly clean gum pockets.

Additionally, lasers can be combined with traditional methods like scaling to eliminate diseased gum tissue and eradicate bacteria around the teeth. Using lasers in these various ways enhances the efficacy of gum disease treatment.

Advantages of Lasers for Treating Dental Issues

Lasers have numerous benefits in the dentistry field. Some have been found to promote and quicken the regeneration process of the gums and affected bones. Other advantages of laser therapy include:

Can Anyone Get Laser Therapy?

While laser therapy is highly effective for many cases of gum disease, there are some instances where it may not be the most suitable treatment option. In these situations, you may need to consider alternative treatment: