Hybrid Dentures

If a person has lost every natural tooth in their upper or lower jaw, or even both, a hybrid denture may be the closest approach to having every natural tooth restored.

Dental implants serve as artificial tooth roots and provide a strong foundation for the denture. It is a denture that is permanently attached to implants in your jaw bone.

The base of the hybrid denture is often made from acrylic or a similar material. It contains the artificial teeth and is custom-made to fit the patient’s mouth. They can be either screw-retained or cemented onto the dental implants.

The dentist will examine and scan you to make sure you have sufficient bone and are a good fit for a fixed hybrid. If so, an appointment will be made for implants to be placed. During this procedure a new temporary acrylic denture can be constructed for you to wear while you heal, or your current denture can be adjusted. Once you are healed, the permanent final restoration will be made, and teeth will be placed on the bar, which will be finished and fitted.


 Hybrid dentures are more stable than traditional ones since they are fixed to dental implants. Speaking and chewing are improved by this stability.

It doesn’t come out at night, it can’t wander around in your mouth, embarrassing you or giving discomfort and inflammation to your gums, and you can eat nearly anything you want again.