Waterpik water flossers typically consist of a water reservoir, a motorized pump, and a handheld wand with a nozzle. Users can fill the reservoir with water, and when the device is turned on, the water is pumped through the nozzle to create a controlled stream. This stream of water can be directed between teeth and along the gumline to help remove particles and promote gum health.
We may recommend water flossing for the following patients:

How to Use Your Waterpik

 Fill the Reservoir:
Lift the reservoir cover and fill it with lukewarm water. Some models may allow you to add mouthwash for an extra refreshing experience.

Adjust Pressure Settings:
Adjust the pressure settings on the unit. Start with a lower pressure and increase it as needed. Different people may find different pressure levels comfortable.

Place the Tip:
Attach the selected tip to the handle. Make sure it is securely attached.

Lean Over the Sink:
Lean over the sink to avoid water splashing on the surrounding area.

Turn On the Unit:
Turn on the Waterpik. Begin with the lowest pressure setting and gradually increase if needed.

Close Lips Slightly:
Close your lips enough to prevent splashing, but leave them open enough for the water to flow out into the sink.

Aim at the Gumline:
Aim the tip at the gumline at a 90-degree angle. Start with the back teeth and work your way forward.

Pause and Spit:
Pause periodically to spit excess water and debris into the sink.

Clean the Unit:
After use, turn off the unit and remove the tip. Clean the tip and other accessories according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Empty the Reservoir:
Empty any remaining water from the reservoir to prevent stagnation.

Store Properly:
Store your Waterpik in a cool, dry place.