Occlusal Disease Treatment

Occlusal disease, also known as bite disorder, refers to a misalignment or incorrect relationship between the teeth. Treatment for occlusal disease corrects these misalignments and restores proper function to the bite.


  • Traditional braces, or Clear Aligners are used to gradually move teeth into the correct position.
  • Dental crowns may be used to reshape and restore damaged or misaligned teeth, improving the overall bite.
  • If missing teeth contribute to malocclusion, bridges can be used to replace the missing teeth and restore proper alignment.
  • In some cases, minor reshaping of the tooth surfaces can be done to improve the bite and alignment.
  • The most crucial factor in stopping the advancement of occlusal illness is to seek a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. In certain situations, this may require a mix of orthodontic work, restorations, and tooth redesigning.