Implant-Retained Partials

Compared to conventional detachable partial dentures, implant-retained partials are a great option. The benefits of dentures and individual implants are combined in a way that is distinct from other partials, which stick to nearby natural teeth and rest on the gums. Removable choices are limited; these partials provide improved stability and longevity. When compared to inserting implants in place of each lost tooth separately, they also offer a more economical option.

The partial denture is designed with special attachments that connect to the dental implants. These attachments may include bars, studs, or other connectors that secure the denture in place. The dental implants provide stability and support to the partial denture, preventing it from shifting or moving within the mouth. Implant-retained partials allow for improved chewing function, as the denture is securely anchored in place.

Implant-retained partials have many benefits, but preserving the health of the implants and the surrounding tissues requires good oral hygiene and routine dental examinations.